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Micro LED small screen successfully launched
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In January 2019, aura successfully launched the micro LED screen driven by passive matrix structure (PM) dynamic circuit. Its brightness, color saturation and resolution have reached the industry-leading level, and the pixel size is only 50 μ m × 50 μ M. The successful launch of this product once again demonstrates the company's outstanding technical strength in the field of micro led.

At present, the mainstream displays in the market are mainly LCD and OLED screen with strong momentum in recent two years. LCD has high power consumption because it needs backlight to emit light continuously. At the same time, with the continuous improvement of consumer demand for display performance, its color gamut and contrast can not meet the market demand gradually.OLED based on the principle of self luminous improves the shortcomings of LCD, lower power consumption control, and greater improvement of display performance. However, OLED has a short life, and "screen burning" and residual phenomenon occur from time to time. In addition, due to the use of organic materials, it is inevitable to cause certain pollution to the environment. Micro LED technology miniaturizes and arrays traditional LEDs to micron scale, which can achieve single pixel self luminous drive. Because only semiconductor and metal materials are used, but also avoid environmental pollution, its gamut width, screen brightness, response speed and power consumption are better than traditional LCD and OLED, which has been regarded as the development trend of future display field by many professional institutions and companies.

                                                                                                                                    Comparison of space display between ordinary led and micro LED

Aura, based on micro LED technology, integrates millions of single crystals of 20 um ultra-small LEDs into a transparent driving substrate in the form of matrix from the wafer end of the chip, and successfully achieves a resolution of more than 500 PPI (a single crystal is a pixel).With the advantages of ultra-high response rate of micro led, this screen only needs to use mature PM driving mode to effectively control each pixel to light up independently. A 4-inch wafer can achieve 3.11 million independent luminous pixels.The successful development of this screen marks the company's major breakthrough in the field of micro LED display, and is a new milestone in promoting the technology transformation and application of aura micro LED display project.

AURA relying on a team with rich experience in the industry and the overseas research and development background of the scientific research team in colleges and universities, in recent years in the field of high-end LED lighting for cutting-edge research and technology breakthrough, has successfully developed all kinds of LED series products, including show refers to the full spectrum of LED high photosynthetic efficiency high, Micro - LED, high brightness LED lights, UVC deep uv LED, etc., become the country's international high-end custom LED chip suppliers. In the future, the company will continue to expand in depth, focus on the forefront of industry technology, and provide customers with more reliable product solutions and better services.

                                                                                                                                                  Physical image of micro-LED screen