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Automotive Module

Our Qingyun series of lamps perform well in terms of power, luminous intensity, maximum light output and high-end technology application. While breaking through the lighting technology, we strive to reduce the energy consumption of lamps and lanterns.


Application Part Number Size(mm) Color Typ/Max Drive
Typ Flux(lm) Vf CCT RA
5W DA18BU 1.8*1.8*0.32    O 1200/1500 480lm@1.2A 3.1 5700K 70
11W ALAM85AC 8.5*3.0*0.7    O 1200/1500 1540lm@1.2A 9.6 5700K 70
11W ALAM60AC 6.0*1.8*0.7    O 1200/1500 1440lm@1.2A 9.2 5700K 70