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At present, we mainly provides high-end LED flip chip, vertical chip, high-voltage LED chip and micro LED chip to the market. The most innovative core technology advantage lies in the introduction of independently developed ODR structure and n-electrode structure for the reflector, so as to achieve ultra-high reflectivity of blue light. At the same time, optimize the process and electrode distribution, improve the current expansion, and further improve the optical efficiency. In addition, a super stable medium layer is introduced and a rigorous aging test is carried out. Therefore, the high-end chip of AURA core has the characteristics of high reliability, high brightness and low power consumption. It has reached the leading technical level in brightness, light efficiency and reliability at home and abroad, and even some performances are superior to the first-line famous manufacturers at home and abroad.

Flip chip

Flip high-power chip, up to 5W, high-efficiency ODR reflector design, high light removal efficiency, high brightness; package line free, suitable for chip level packaging, can be widely used in automotive headlights, outdoor lighting fields.


Vertical chip

Vertical chip, can pass large current, and the current distribution is uniform, less heat generated; strong anti-static ability, can be used for stage lights, car headlights.


High voltage chip

High voltage flip chip, thermoelectric separation pad, fast heat dissipation and high reliability; save the technology of multi chip series in the process of packaging, the light shape after packaging is better than that of multi crystal series packaging, UBM design makes the light extraction efficiency after packaging higher.


Micro/Mini-LED chip

Micro / mini chip, flip structure, RGB series can achieve full color; the chip size is between 25-100 μ m, used in the field of self luminous display, AR / VR, micro spacing display, projection lamp.