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UVC High power


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Our products is devoted for applications, including automotive module, CSP, camera flash, Eye-pleasing full-spectrum application, and general lighting.

  • chip

    AURA! currently mainly provides flip chip, vertical chip, high voltage LED chip and Micro/Mini-LED chip to the market.

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  • Module

    High Power Chip Scale Package are used for spot lighting, high-bay lighting, canopy lighting etc.

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  • Application

    High reliable LED automotive module to support automotive applications with TS16949 Qualified.

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Full Spectrum Of LED

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Ultraviolet light source

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Automobile LED Light Source

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AURA|Core vision, Bright future


Micro LED small screen successfully launched


A brief discussion on the packaging technology behind the new UVC LED industry standard


Another new product! HGC releases mass production of P0.5 RGB-Mini LED

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